When our founder, Dave McLeary, left home in Ligonier, PA for West Virginia University in 1977 with a goal to receive his Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy, the field was still very "new".  So new, in fact, that his high school guidance counselor first heard of it when he discovered it in his own research for a career that would combine his passion for sports, healthcare, mechanics, learning, and teaching.

After completing his undergrad studies at Florida International University, Dave returned to Westmoreland County to join the staff of physical therapists at Westmoreland Hospital.  At the end of his first year, he quickly transitioned to fill the position of Assistant Director and, in 1984, became the hospital's Director of Physical Therapy at the age of 25— a role he maintained for 5 years while earning his Masters of Science in Orthopedic Physical Therapy at the University of Pittsburgh, getting married, and starting a family, before deciding to venture into the world of outpatient physical therapy.

While working in the field, he was disheartened by its increasing focus on numbers and productivity over patient care.  Motivated by a dream to improve the quality of local outpatient services, Dave, along with his wife Andrea, decided to step out in faith and start their own physical therapy practice.  In October of 1995, IN-SYNC was born with the opening of the Latrobe location.

20+ years later, providing patients with top-quality care is still our #1 priority.  Over our long history of continual growth, transformation, and success stories, we've amassed expert experience in several areas of rehabilitation, including outpatient physical and aquatic therapies, closely-related occupational and speech therapies, home health, long-term care, orthopedics, sports medicine, and athletic training with the same goals we started with— to provide for our family and take care of YOU.


what does our logo mean?

First of all (so you can impress your friends), it's called a "tris∙kel∙i∙on".

The three-legged Greek triskelion symbolizes action, competition, and progress as well as motivation to “always land on your feet”.  When IN-SYNC began in 1995, we chose this logo to embody our overall vision and goal- to see each patient we treat make constant forward motion.