our clinics FEATURE leading equipment designed BY INNOVATORS LIKE NASA, to expedite + enhance your rehabilitation.



Designed by NASA, the innovative AlterG anti-gravity treadmill at our Ligonier location is a game-changer.  Used by professional sports teams and top colleges, the AlterG is able to reduce gravity’s impact on a patient’s body weight down to as little as 20% (in other words, making 200 lbs. of body weight feel like 40!), allowing treatment with less stress to joints and muscles for lower body injuries, chronic pain, and neurological conditions that inhibit mobility.  Because of its’ facilitation in accelerating the treatment process, the AlterG is quickly making a name for itself among our patients— from athletes to total joint replacements— as their favorite way to recover.  Not sure if this type of treatment can help you?  Stop by when you’re in town and chat with our knowledgeable staff to schedule a FREE test-run!

biofeedback assisted electrical stimulation

This piece of equipment uses two channels to allow our therapists to provide multiple treatments simultaneously, including a variety of different types of electrical stimulation for pain and muscle treatment, ultrasound, and/or a combination of both while also using biofeedback. With biofeedback, both the therapist and patient are able to see the amount of muscle contraction a muscle can generate on its own by way of a real-time screen.  If the muscle contraction is not up to the expected level, the therapist may choose to program the device to trigger electrical stimulation to assist the muscle in achieving its maximum capacity. In other words, it allows you to see what you can do and only helps when it's needed!  This is great for rehabbing the quad muscle following a surgery like an ACL repair or with patients who have drop foot.  In addition to its use for a variety of treatments, this device’s interactive design is packed full of information that explains the different types of treatment and their purposes as well as houses an anatomical library to help us help you, the patient, better understand your injury and recovery.

3D Anatomy Patient Education

It’s always easier to work toward a solution when you truly understand the root of a problem. We find that patients who understand their specific injury or ailment recover with more motivation. That’s why we believe patient education is a crucial step in recovery. Each of our offices is equipped with a vast array of knowledge and skill, along with 3D anatomical software to help explain your injury, both visually and verbally, in a way that’s easy to understand in plain language (beyond the medical jargon). Confused or curious about something that you’re experiencing or a specific step in treatment? Just ask! Our therapists are always happy to break things down. After all, this is YOUR recovery.


InterX is an advanced electrical stimulation-based pain control device that utilizes feedback from the body to plan and improve therapy outcomes with less pain & improved results.