Not sure if therapy is right for you?  We believe that our job begins with pointing people toward the best care plan for their injury.  Give us a call to schedule a FREE injury assessment- no doctor's prescription necessary!  If therapy isn't right for you, no worries! (That's why it's free!)

Our passion is ensuring that you get the quality care you deserve.  From support in making decisions about your next steps to custom braces, prosthetics, sports braces, medical equipment, and therapy-related insurance questions, we would love to be help you get answers from a "real person" so you can get back to less internet-researching and more living your life!  We understand that being injured and having a need is frustrating enough to quickly leave you feeling in over your head.  Helping to break all of the details down in an easy to understand manner so that you feel better-equipped is kind of our "thing".

Consulting with one of our caring and knowledgeable therapists is as simple as sending an email or calling our office!

Consider us your new support system.